The Meditation Mechanic
  • The Meditation Mechanic


    My intention;
    I wish to open hearts by simply sharing mine with the world.
    I wish to open your eyes to see the true beauty that is life, through all that I express.
    I wish to bring a deeper awareness to the power of looking within.

    My intention is to reach out and connect with people on a deep and sacred level.
    To share my words, to share my music, to share my teaching, my healing, and my presence of love and peace in all that I do.

    To open a platform for people to heal, for people to awaken to truth, to align with a pure space of love. To share the ancient wisdom that has been passed onto me, to teach people how to find their peace, their stillness in this noisy world that surrounds us. To share the wisdom of the ancient ones through ceremony, through sound and through the passage of speech.

    I am here to hold space for all that need my help. I am here to share from my heart and to teach others how to live from this space. To remind all beings of their true nature and to be a clear mirror for you all to see the beauty that lies within.
    I would also love to reach out to my brothers my sisters all over the world. I ask for those that feel this calling, that feel my words may we come together in this great and powerful time in history. May we all find each other and share together, may we open our hearts, open our space and may we collaborate all over the world.

    In supporting others sharing the same energy of the sacred heart, we unite again as one family. There is magical work awaiting us my friends and I would love to join with you and share together in balance and harmony.

    With the deepest of love in my heart, I wish you all the greatest of blessings.
    Kurt Iwanina xxoo
    The Meditation Mechanic